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SLICKBAR® Spill Kit is your one-stop resource for oil spill on land, marine and chemical spill cleanup. SLICKBAR® Spill Kit is simple and easy to use for quick, efcient spill response. SLICKBAR® Spill Kit has everything you need to respond to oil spill either on land or water

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Benefits :

  • Spill Kit contents are made from special absorbent materials
  • Sorbents can be made from Polypropylene or organic materials
  • Light weight, making it safe for spill teams to use.
  • Clean and dustless.
  • Special equipment not needed for cleanup operations.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Spill kit contents are made from special absorbent materials.
  • Spill Kit storage box is made from fberglass to ensure strength and durability for either indoor or outdoor situations
  • The storage box can be also used for temporarily storing used absorbents before disposal
  • Ideal for use in power plants, tank farms, machine shops, industrial plants, hotels, airports, tankers and barges
  • The Oil Pollution Act (OPA) recommends having sufcient supplies of absorbent material to handle the removal of 2 barrels (30 liters) of oil