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Oil Absorbent


Oil Absorbents are an effective and economical method for cleaning and removing oil or chemical spillage either on land or water, where mechanically cleaning and removing spillage with Oil Spill Combating Equipment are not feasible.

SLICKBAR® Oil Sorbents are an effective and economical method for handling oil spills. Used for cleaning and removing oil spillages on land or water, where the use of mechanical oil spill response equipment is not economically feasible. SLICKBAR® Oil Sorbents work by absorbing and containing the oil until they are fully saturated with oil.

SLICKBAR® Oil Sorbents have highly hydrophobic properties and can absorb and retain oil 20 times their own weight. SLICKBAR® Oil Sorbents are used to clean up oil/petroleum products, and chemical spills swiftly, at the scene of the incident. Ideal for use in power plants, tank farms, machine shops,industrial plants, and airports. It can also be used in the fre department, emergency response and the highway safety unit

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Features :

  • Sorbent material is made from Polypropylene, cellusorb or natural fiber.
  • Oil absorbents are used for the removal of the last oil sheen onthe water
  • Ideal for use in power plants, tank farms, machine shops, industrial plants, and airports
  • Absorbents are available in superpads, pillows, snakes, booms and many other designs depending on requirements
  • Special equipment for deploying and retrieval not needed
  • Able to absorb and retain more than 20 times its own weight
  • Excellent for economical method of cleaning spills
  • Will remain afloat before and after saturation with oil
  • Oleophilic and hydrophobic
  • Economical type available

Absorbent Class :



Absorbent Varian

Absorbent Pad
Absorbent Snake
Absorbent Sweep
Absorbent Super Pad
Absorbent Boom
Absorbent Pillow