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Permanent Skimmer System is suitable for locations where oil spills often occur.

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Features :

  • The capacity range is 10 – 20 m3 per hour
  • Oil Skimmer can be operated independently or as a dynamic skimmer
  • The skimmer can be installed permanently with Oil Boom
  • Body and Frame are made of stainless steel
  • Powerpack is used to supply power for the pump and skimmer head
  • The Powerpack engine has two types: diesel and electric
  • Explosion Proof Powerpack with ATEX Standard is available
  • Hazardous zone option is available
  • Application for holding basin, pit, retention basin, and oil separator

Technical Data :

Type Single Bank Double Bank

Skimmer Head :

Skimmer Capacity* 10 m3/h 20 m3/h
Frame Material Stainless steel
Disc Material Aluminum / stainless steel
Disc Speed Variable speed control by powerpack

Power Pack :

Power Requirements 7.5 kW 380 V

Electric Motor

Ex-Proof Zone 1

11 kW 380 V

Electric Motor

Ex-Proof Zone 1

Hydraulic Pump

Transfer Pump



Variable Piston Pump with Load Sensing

Self-Priming Positive

Displacement Pump

Hose Sets