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Multipurpose PowerPack 50 kW


The MULTIPURPOSE OFFSHORE POWERPACK 50 kW is a hydraulic powerpack designed for offshore operations. It is capable of operating the hydraulic winders for Offshore Oil Boom, Dynamic skimmer, other skimmer, and to inflate temporary floating oil storage tanks.

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Features :

  • The powerpack engine type is 4 cylinders, 4 stroke, air cooled diesel engine 50 kW with electric starter
  • The hydraulic system uses load sensing system
  • The powerpack construction conforms to Offshore Safety Standards BS EN 12079:2006 and DNV 2.7-1:2006
  • The instruments are located on one centralized control panel for easy operations
  • The powerpack conforms to the highest offshore safety standards with Automatic Shutdown Valve and Spark Arrestor
  • The powerpack is fully enclosed for enhanced safety, security and protection against UV Light and sea conditions
  • The powerpack has a wide interior space for easy maintenance and access to the components
  • The final assembly is reviewed and certified by third party
  • Complete with accessories, namely a weather-proof cover, a toolbox, an oil cooler, a hicap air blower and air hoses
  • Explosion proof model is also available