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Company Facilities


SLICKBAR® Indonesia continuous to improve its high quality products and best services with the support of a highly trained team, namely research and development department, chemical division, and technical division. In addition, all of SLICKBAR® Indonesia‘s products are made from environmentally friendly materials, with chemical and oil resistance characteristics. 

SLICKBAR® Indonesia provides testing pool and laboratory to test all of its products in order to obtain quality product assurance.We also provide an exhibition room to facilitate guest visits.  

Additionally, we provide oil spill response trainings to our customer. Our training programs are conducted by highly experienced and certified IMO trainers.

SLICKBAR® Indonesia manufactures high quality Oil Spill Response Equipment and is supported by a highly experienced team and the latest technology equipments.

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Research and Development
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Chemical Division
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Automatic Float Machine
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Computerized Boom Assembly
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Computerized Welding Machine
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Automatic Float Machine
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Computerized Drilling Machine
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Sand Blasting Room
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Testing Pool
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Training Center
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Exihibition Room