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Oil Boom SL-25


Oil Boom SL-25 is a light non-detachable oil boom which features handgrips on top of the floats for easy deployment. Oil Boom SL-25 is applicable for semipermanent and emergency operation in onshore/harbors and bay areas

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Features :

  • Boom overall is ranging from 8 to 42 inches
  • Skirt material is fabric polyester with UV resistant PVC coating
  • Float material is PE Foam
  • Connector is Universal type conforming to ASTM F-962, made from marine grade aluminum with toggle pins to easily connect or disconnect a boom section
  • Ballast material from corrosion resistant chain
  • Lightweight and easy deployment from workboat and shore-line/ harbors/rivers

Technical Data :

Section Length (feet) 25/50/100
Fabric Material Polyester
Color Black with Marine Strip
Ballast Galvanized Chain
Boom Overall (inches) 8.0 – 42
Freeboard (inches) 3.0 – 15
Draft (inches) 5.0 – 27
Standard Accessories Towing Equipment