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Water-Based Oil Spill Dispersant (OSD) 9000 Supergreen Eco is a new generation of water-based dispersant, offering very good performance and is environmentally friendly.

OSD 9000 Supergreen Eco is an effective dispersant with a specially designed formula for use on sea water and is also applicable for use on fresh water. OSD 9000

Supergreen Eco is a powerful dispersant to disperse crude oil and refined oil products, and to preserve oil emulsion water. Effectively helps the bioremediation process, very safe for marine organisms and coastal vegetation, it biodegrades in less than one month, does not cause water contamination and does not damage the environment.

OSD 9000 Supergreen Eco can be used as a cleaner in any area by cleaning waste safely. Recommended by MIGAS Regulation No. 564/A.8/MIGAS/2016.

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Features :

  • Positive emulsification – OSD 9000 Super Green Eco creates emulsions to turn oil fractions into very small particles so that they become more readily degradable.
  • Readily biodegradable – Based on laboratory testing, OSD 9000 Super Green Eco is biodegradable so it does not accumulate in the environment.
  • Environmenally Friendly – The product merely contains no hazardous ingredients, safe for aquatic organisms, without chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • No special equipment is needed – Minimum dilution limit a relatively small (minimum 10% dilution), the properties of highly soluble in water provide ease of use without the need special equipment, as well as a measuring container and mixer.
  • Non-flammable – OSD 9000 Supergreen Eco merely contains no flammable ingredients without presence of solvents and pure type of water base.
  • Superior cost savings – One part OSD 9000 Supergreen Eco can treat up to 20 part oil combined with the best prices, providing superior cost savings.
  • Can be used as a cleaner – OSD 9000 Supergreen Eco is effective at cleaning any hydrocarbon pollution various industries.


“OSD 9000 SUPERGREEN ECO has a very low toxicity level, environmentally friendly, effective and efficient”


Technical Data :

Type of Dispersant Water-Based
Appearance Clear Green Liquid
Ph (Conc.10%) 7-8
Viscosity (Cst, 250c) 70 – 200
Flash Point (Astm D-92) No Flash
Density (G/Ml, 250c) ± 0.98
Toxicity (Usepa Oppts 850.1010) Practically Non Toxic
Dilution Effectivity Up to 1:20



SLICKBAR OSD SG ECO product description, safety, and technical data

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