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The Floating Storage Tank is constructed from oil resistant material and is designed as a lightweight compact unit. There are two types of floating storage tank, Dinghy floating tank (FST) which has individual inflation chambers to provide rigidity and to facilitate towing with a storage capacity of 5 m3 and Submersible Floating Tank (Flexible Floating Storage Tank or FFST) which has a high quality durable storage tank that can be used on land or floating in water also with the addition of an air pillow.

Reinforced bow towing and stern mooring points are also provided with lifting handles.

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Features :

  • Floating tank is very light, only two until four people are needed to operate this tank
  • The Floating Storage Tank when empty can be towed at 10 knots. Otherwise, it also can be towed at 4 – 5 knots in full condition
  • Floating Storage Tank construction is from oil resistance material
  • Inflate with portable air blower.

Technical Data :

Type Dinghy floating tank Semi Submersible Floating Tank
Length 6 m 21.2 m
Width 2 m 2.1 m
Material Oil Resistance Material
Capacity 5 m3 25 m3
Towing Speed
Empty 10 Knots 10 Knots
Full 4 Knots 5 Knots
Standard Accessories Portable Air Blower
Towing Equipment
Buoy Universal Connector
Inlet Hose