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Oil Boom SL-24


Permanent Oil Boom is specially designed for Heavy Duty permanent instalation in onshore area, harbors, and bay area. The boom is easy to clean and each part of the boom can be repaired separately.

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Our Permanent Boom has been installed permanently and it is still well functioning since 2001 in Sentosa Island, Singapore and around the world.


  • Boom overall is 24 inches
  • Skirt material is polyester fabric with between 3-4 mm with PVC or Polyurethane Coating
  • Float material is solid moulded GRP cell filled with Polyurethane Foam (PU)
  • Type of Connector is Universal conforming to ASTM F-962, made from marine grade aluminum or  stainless steel 316
  • Ballast material is environmentally friendly fiber and non corrosive.



Technical Data

Section Length (feet) 25/50/100
Float Dimensions (inches) Length = 24.0 | Diameter = 10.25
Color of Skirt Orange
Boom Overall (inches) 24
Freeboard (inches) 8
Draft (inches) 16
Standard Accessories Towing Equipment
Riser and Track
Anchoring System
Deployment Methods Workboat and Shoreline


Recommended Applications Onshore and Bay
Recommended Installations Permanent