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SlickDisk MK-20 SKIMMER is designed to recover floating oil with a very low water up rate of between 2 – 5%. Applicable are for ports, harbors, rivers, estuaries and coastal water areas.

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Features :

  • Skimmer capacity is up to 20 m3 per hour
  • The Skimmer head weighs approximately 38 kg
  • The skimming modules can be easily changed from disc to brush
  • The powerpack can be independently utilised as a hydraulic power source and a powerful Transfer Pump
  • The Powerpack has an Automatic Shutdown Valve and a Spark Arrestor fitted for added safety features
  • Applications are for ports, harbors, rivers, estuaries and coastal water areas
  • Suitable for recovering light to heavy oils

Technical Data :

Skimmer Head :

Body G.R.P
No. of Disc 32 in 4 Banks of 8 Discs
No. of Brush 4 Banks of 4 Brushes
Disc/ Brush Speed Variable Speed Controlled by the Powerpack
Skimmer Capacity 20 m3/h

Power Pack :

Power Requirement Diesel Engine Min. 10 kW, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Starting System Electric Start
Hydraulic Pump Variable Piston Pump with Load Sensing System
Transfer Pump Self-Priming Positive Displacement Pump
Safety Devices Automatic Shutdown Valve and Spark Arrestor