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SLICKSKIM 2000 (Dynamic In-line) Skimmer


Dynamic Skimmer System is a special section of offshore oil boom

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Features :

  • The capacity is up to 100 m3 per hour
  • The Oil Skimmer system is connected to offshore oil boom
  • Body and Frame are constructed from robust seawater resistant aluminum marine grade
  • The Powerpack system is diesel engine 50 kW with electric starter
  • Powerpack is used to supply power for the pump and lip skimmer
  • Powerpack has an Automatic Shutdown Valve and a Spark Arrestor fitted for added safety features
  • Application for offshore

Technical Data :

Skimmer Head :

Material Marine Grade Aluminum
Skimmer Capacity 100 m3/h
Stable In Current Up To 3 Knots
Position In Line With The Boom
Pump Type Archimedes Screw Pump

Power Pack :

Power Requirement Diesel Engine 50 kW
Starting System Electric Starter
Hydraulic Pump Variable Piston Pump with Load Sensing System
Safety Devices Automatic Shutdown Valve and Spark Arrestor