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Boom BS 080


RBR Boom BS 080 is specially designed for longer term operations than emergency deployment / semi permanent. Boom overall is ranging from 500-800 mm. RBR BOOM BS 080 can also be used for semipermanent protection or emergency deployment in onshore, harbors, and bay areas to recover oil spillage. RBR Oil Boom is detachable for easy maintenance.

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Features :

  • Skirt is made from Neoprene rubber reinforced with Polyester with an oil resistant coating for improved durability
  • Float material is solid moulded GRP cell filled with PU Foam or PE filled with PU Foam
  • Connector is Universal type conforming to ASTM F-962. Made from aluminum anodized or stainless steel
  • Ballast material is galvanized chain
  • Lightweight and easy deployment from workboat and shoreline/ harbors/rivers

Technical Data :

Section Length (feet) 25/50/100
Float Dimensions (inches) Length = 24.0 | Diameter = 10.25
Skirt Material Neoprene Rubber, Reinforced with Polyester
Boom Overall (inches) 19.6 – 31.4
Freeboard (inches) 7.8 – 11.8
Draft (inches) 11.8 – 19.6
Standard Accessories Towing Equipment