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Beach Boom


BEACH BOOM has an anti-splash fin all along on top. Beach boom is ideal for containment operations on tidal areas or where the boom is required to make the transition between land and water.

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Features :

  • Boom Operational Freeboard is approximately 0.31 meters
  • Boom Operational Draft is approximately 0.31 meters
  • Fabric material from Polyester with UV resistance coating
  • Ballast material is Twin Water Tubes
  • Length per section 10 or 15 meters
  • Accessories: portable air blower and water pump for beach boom operations.

Technical Data :

Section Length (Inches) 32/50 (10/15 meter)
Fabric Material Polyester
Boom Weight Dry (Kg/m) 5.4
Boom Color Black or Grey
Boom Overall (inches) 24
Draft (inches) 12
Freeboard (inches) 12
Ballast Twin Water Tube
Standard Accessories Water Pump, Air Blower, Towing Equipment