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Smart Boom


Smart Boom is the only sorbent that can also replicate all the functions of an oil boom with an oil absorption capability

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Features :

  • Boom overall is 12 inches
  • Float material is melt blown non-woven Polypropylene or Cellusorb flled with Polyurethane foam
  • Skirt material is Polyester with UV Resistant Coating
  • Ballast material is Fiberglass
  • Float features: detachable/easily replaced/Bioremediation
  • Connector is Universal type conforming to ASTM F-962 made from Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Applications are for semi-permanent operation at closed water

Technical Data :

Section Length (feet) 10 / 25
Float Melt blown non-woven polypropylene or Cellusorb filled with PU foam
Skirt Material Polyester
Recommended Application Closed Water