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SLICKSLEUTH™ Monitoring System


SLICKSLEUTH™ is a Non-Contact Oil Spill Monitoring System designed to act as an early warning detection system to detect oil spills on water.

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Features :

  • Early detection system to detect oil spill on water “real-time” 24/7 everywhere
  • Used in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications for remotely detecting oil spills
  • SLICKSLEUTH™ has 3 type : Standard, SLICKSLEUTH™ Purge System, SLICKSLEUTH™ Explosion Proof
  • Suitable for permanent installation in water outlets, both onshore and offshore
  • Oil Spill notifcation can be sent by Short Message Service (SMS), phone, e-mail, and existing digital or analogue system
  • SLICKSLEUTH™ is an Automated Oil Spill Monitoring, Oil Spill Discharge Prevention, and Real-Time Oil Spill Detection system

Technical Data :

Model SLICKSLEUTH™ Standard (Sli-400 DS Model)

SLICKSLEUTH™ Purge System (Sli-400 DS Purge System Model)

SLICKSLEUTH™ Explosion Proof (Sli-400 Exd Model)

Sensitivity +/- 3 Micron Sheen
Range: 5 m (Maximum Distance Above Surface)
Weight Approx. 13 kg (For Standard & Purge System Model) Approx. 59 kg (For Explosion Proof Model)
Power Options 85 – 264V AC. 50/60 Hz

+/- 12V DC. Solar Power Option Available for Remote Self-Powered Installations

Power Usage 1.5 Watt (DC) / 15 Watt (AC)
Certifcations Conforms To US EPA Standards (EPA/530/UST-90/009) Technology Patented By Interocean Systems, Inc
Uv Light Sources Xenon Flash
Output Local Status and Alarm Indicators Oil Detection Relay, Serial Usb, RS 232, RS 485, Current Loop 0 – 20 MA
Warranty 2-Year Factory Warranty Including Spare Parts