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SLICKPACK SKIMMER is robust and lightweight, capable of skimming oil from two directions.

The capacity is up to 10 m3 per hour for the SLICKPACK 700 model and up to 6 m3 per hour for the SLICKPACK 500 model.

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Features :

  • Water Seal System prevents water from coming into the chamber, a guarantee for efficiency in combating oil spill
  • Powerpack has an Automatic Shutdown Valve and a Spark Arrestor fitted for added safety features
  • Applications are for canals, ditches and closed water areas
  • Suitable for recovering light to medium oils

Technical Data :

Type Slickpack 500 Slickpack 700

Skimmer Head :

Body Material G.R.P.
Total Weight Approx. 7 kg Approx. 12 kg
Capacity 6 m3/h 10 m3/h

Transfer Pump

Pump Type Self-Priming Positive

Displacement Pump

Self-Priming Positive

Displacement Pump

Power Requirements Min. 3 kW Min. 3 kW
Engine Type Diesel Engine, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Starting System Hand Start
Suction/ Discharge 1.5 inches Camlock 2.0 inches Camlock
Safety Devices Automatic Shutdown Valve and Spark Arrestor