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SLICKDISC MK-50 SKIMMER is designed to recover floating oil spill with a very low water up rate of max. 5% depending oil condition

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Features :

  • The capacity is up to 50 m3 per hour
  • The Skimmer head weighs approximately 200 kg
  • The skimming modules for each model can be easily changed from disc to brush system
  • The slickdisc constructed from reinforced fiberglass to prevent corrosion and to increase its durability
  • The powerpack can be independently utilised as a hydraulic power source and powerful transfer pump
  • Powerpack has an Automatic Shutdown Valve and a Spark Arrestor fitted for added safety features
  • Application for offshore,and it can also be use for open water ports/harbors
  • Suitable for recovering light to heavy oils

Technical Data :

Skimmer Head :


No. of Disc

No. of Brush

Disc/ Brush Speed

Skimmer Capacity


27 in 3 Banks of 9 Discs

3 Banks of 3 Brushes

Variable Speed Controlled by the Powerpack

50 m3/h


Power Pack :

Power Requirement

Starting System

Hydraulic Pump

Transfer Pump

Safety Devices

Diesel Engine 50 kW, Air Cooled

Electric Start

Variable Piston Pump with Load Sensing System

Positive Displacement Pump

Automatic Shutdown Valve and Spark Arrestor