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Pollution Fighting Craft


Pollution Fighting Sweep / Craft is designed as a fast response workboat to recover floating oil nearshore and to spray dispersant

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Features :

  • Vessel overall size is 9 m x 6 m or based on customer’s request
  • Vessel can be folded for easy transportation
  • The vessel is itted with 2 x 115 HP outboard engines or based on customer’s request
  • Features 3 hulls
  • Vessel hull construction is GRP
  • Vessel can carry up to 10 people
  • Vessel capacity weighs is 2500 kg
  • Vessel can independently use a “V” sweep confguration to recover oil with one vessel
  • Vessel can be used to store, deploy and pull light-weight oil boom, and spray dispersant
  • Built-in Dispersant Spraying System and Dispersant Tank

Technical Data :

Length Overall 9 m *or Based On Customer Request
Beam 6 m
Height 1.3 m
Draft 0.62 m
Hull Construction Reinforced Fiberglass
Deck Aluminum
Fuel Tank 300 liter
Engine Power Min. 2 X 115 HP
Steering Set Hydraulic
Oil Spill Equipment 300 Mtr Emergency Oil Boom SL-12

1 Unit Slickdisc Skimmer

1 Unit Multi Purpose Powerpack

1 Unit Dispersant Pump Sprayer

1 Unit Oil Transfer Pump