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Deep Sea Boom


Deep Sea Boom is an offshore inflated boom that is very easy to operate for rapid deployment with limited storage area. “Double Wall” construction gives the boom enhanced puncture resistance. High tenacity, synthetic fiber, and internal bladder fabric allow for high air retention reliability

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Features :

  • Boom overall is 2020 mm deflated
  • Fabric material is kevlar reinforced polyester
  • Ballast materiasl is galvanized chain
  • Connector made from stainless steel type hinge or ASTM F-962
  • Easy deployment from Hydraulic Reel and can be stored in offshore containerized winder unit or on open winder

Technical Data :

Section Length (meter) 25/50
Skirt Material Kevlar Reinforced Polyester
Boom Storage Open Winder or Containerized Winder
Boom Overall – Deflated (mm) 2020
Boom Overall – Operational (mm) 1600
Operational Freeboard (mm) 750
Operational Draft (mm) 850