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Oil Boom SL-12


Emergency Oil Boom SL-12 is the lightest detachable solid floatation oil boom for oil spill containment. Oil Boom SL-12 is designed for emergency operations at closed waters to recover oil spillage.

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Features :

  • Boom overall is 12 inches
  • Skirt material is fabric Polyester with UV Resistant Coating
  • Float material is solid moulded GRP cell filled with Polyurethane (PU) foam
  • Type of Connector is universal conforming to ASTM F-962 made from marine grade aluminum with toggle pins to easily connect or disconnect a boom section
  • Ballast material from environmentally friendly lead with antimony
  • Lightweight and easy deployment from workboat and shore-line
  • Oil Boom are detachable for easy maintenance


Section Length (feet) 25/50/100
Float Dimensions (inches) Length = 24.2 | Diameter = 6.5
Color of Skirt Black
Deployment Methods Workboat and Shoreline
Boom Overall (inches) 12
Freeboard (inches) 4.0
Draft (inches) 8.0
Standard Accessories Towing Equipment