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Fire Resistant Oil Boom


Fire Resistant Oil Boom is perfectly designed as an effective fre resistant barrier to stop the spreading of burning oil and chemicals on water to remove the source of the fre from dangerous explosion areas. Fire Resistant Oil Boom can also be used for in-situ burning.

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Features :

  • Boom overall is 24 inches
  • Skirt material is Fiberglass fabric
  • Float material is Stainless Steel with safety valve
  • Ballast material is Chain Ballast inside the Fiberglass fabric
  • Continuous Operating Temperature for base fabric is 1000° C
  • Continuous Operating Temperature for surface coating is 230° C
  • Continuous Operating Boom Temperature for base fabric is 1 hour/500° C
  • Connector is Universal type conforming to ASTM F-962 made from stainless steel
  • Application method is to rapidly remove the source of fire from dangerous areas

Technical Data :

Section Length (feet) 25/50/100
Float Stainless Steel with Safety Valve
Skirt Material Fiber Glass Fabric
Float Dimensions (inches) Length = 24.0 | Diameter (Ø) = 10.25
Weight (lbs/ft) 4 – 6 (6 – 9 kg/m)
Recommended Installation Emergency and Semi-Permanent
Boom Overall (inches) 24
Freeboard (inches) 8.0
Draft (inches) 16
Overall Skirt Strength 3000 – 3500 lbs
Standard Accessories Towing Equipment