Defining Moments

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Oil spill companies and organizations around the world evolve and continuously strive to protect the environment in response to the changing of era and growth of the oil spill industry. PT Slickbar Indonesia is one of the largest oil spill control companies in the world and Slickbar® Indonesia is committed to remain the leading oil spill control company in the world.

One of the definitive acts of Slickbar® Indonesia to commitment is transpired by the changing of its symbol or logo. The changing of the Slickbar® Indonesia’s logo is one of the validation to Slickbar Indonesia’s commitment to be the best.

The new logo demonstrates the renewing of Slickbar Indonesia’s commitment to protect Indonesia and global environment. Slickbar® Indonesia aims to always be competitive in the market, effective and efficient in its operations, innovative and high quality products, as well as to promote occupational health and safety standards at work.

SLICKBAR®’s logo is inspired by dolphins who are known to have cooperative, creative, effective, smart and social characteristics. The logo’s colors are black and blue. The black represents the damaging effects of oil spills and the blue represents Slickbar Indonesia’s mission to protect Indonesia’s water from oil spill.