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SLICKDISC MK-20 SKIMMER is designed to recover floating oil with a very low water up rate of between 2-5%. Skimmer capacity is up to 20 m3 per hour. The skimming modules can be easily changed from disc to brush.

The powerpack can be independently utilized as a hydraulic power source and a powerful Transfer Pump.

Applications are for ports, harbors, rivers, estuaries and coastal water areas. Suitable for recovering light to heavy oils. Find it out here

Our product manufacturing is supported by a highly experienced team and the latest technology equipments
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SLICKBAR® Indonesia provides maintenance facilities, recondition and repair for any types of OSRE products.
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We provide many oil spill control solutions to meet your specific areas, and oil spill prevention requirements
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All of SLICKBAR® Indonesia’s products are made from environmentally friendly materials, with chemical and oil resistance characteristics.

SLICKBAR® Indonesia provides testing pool and laboratory to test all of its products in order to obtain quality product assurance

Additionally, we provide oil spill response trainings to our customer. Our training programs are conducted by highly experienced and certified IMO trainers


Career & Opportunity Join with Us Organisations around the world evolve and continously strive to protect the environment in response to the changing of era and growth of the oil

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